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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 04/02/2020

1.daniel lopatin-“back to Roslyn”(from the motion picture soundtrack of uncut gems)
2.first tone-“radix”
3.thomas fehlmann-“liebesperlen”
4.sudan archives-“black Vivaldi sonata”
5.fenella feat. Jane weaver-“the seed”
6.oliver doerell-“duett”
7.richard fearless-“driving with roedelius”
8.doctor fluorescent-“ a museum”
9.fka twigs-“cellophane”
10.anna merdith-“unfurl”
11.bill fay-“your little face”
12.cigarettes after sex-“you`re the only good thing in my life”
13.gilb`r-“nouvel horizon”
14.chromatics-“wishing well”
15.nicolas godin-“turn right turn left”
16.teebs-“black dove” feat.sudan archives
18.people like us-“free(my prayer)”
19.john beltran-“one of those mornings”
20.colin self-“dispossessed”
21.niki mono&berry sakharof-“dancing barefoot”( a patti smith cover)-ivan kral R:I:P
22.fetus production-“what`s going on”(from the 80`s beauty now for the future compilation)
23.robb Huxley feat. Samy Birnbach(spoken words)-“goodbye”
25.satya sai maitreya kali-“love is our existence”
26.rose city band(aka ripley Johnson of moon duo)-“rivers of mind”
29.dan deacon-“fall into the ocean”
30.june Tyson&sun ra-“we travel the spaceways”
31.jimi Hendrix&the band of gypsys-“steal away”(live)
32.otis redding-“cigarettes and coffee”
33.millie Jackson-“(if loving you is wrong)I don’t want to be right”
34.alvin stone fantastic four-“(the birth and death of a gangster)”
35.brigitte fontaine-“parlons d`autre chose »
36.jan st.werner feat. Mark e.smith-molocular meditation”(excerpt)
37.warmduscher-“tiny letters”
38.u-bahn-“dump sheets”
39.uzun havalar-“casio havasi”
40.renaldo and the loaf-“el boaca pella”
41.tyler Okonma-“are we still friends?”
42.mr. elevator-“patterns”
43.gang of four-“what we all want” andy gill R:I:P
44.delta 5-“final scene”
45.las kellies-“charade”
46.les grys-grys-“time flies and still”
47.holy fuck-“moment”
48.dukes of stratosphear-“you`re my drug”(2019 stereo mix)
49.patrick Cowley-“mechanical fantasy box”
50.etienne jaumet-“nuclear war”(sun ra cover)
51.chris korda-“iyika”
52.underworld-“listen to their no”
53.red axes-“mister q”