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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 03/11/2015

1.arandel-“interlude(1st variation on section 7)”

2.king midas sound&fennesz-“mysteries”

3.desolate-“farewell #4”

4.len leise-“el modelo”

5.tuxedomoon&cult with no name-“do it for van gogh”



8.jacob gurevitsch-“obsessed”(orig. mix)

9.barbara Morgenstern with jacaszek-“den kommenden morgen”

10.elvis costello-„shipbuilding“

11.david allen-„something tells me“


13.twice a man-“kick the earth drum”

14.donato dozzy-“the loud silence”

15.bachar mar-khalife`-“Madonna”

16.the grimethorpe cb-“en aranjuez con tu amor”

17.das komplex-“like a fish”


19.roots manuva-“cargo”

20.missing Brazilians-“savanna france”(a. Sherwood production)

21.leo Abrahams-“wythe&1st”


23.different fountains-“x”

24.hecta-“the concept”

25.psychemagik feat.navid Izadi-“mink&shoes”(radio edit)

26.claptone-“puppet theatre”feat.peter,bjorn&john

27.jacoby&lindrum-“rechant”(orig. mix)

28.gee moore-„go to the sun“(orig.)

29.stephan eicher-“les filles du limmatquai”(whatever rmx)

30.arbeid adelt-« samakarma »

31.luke vibert-« L tronic »

32.youth stand up!-„beat the drum“

33.mbongwana star-“malukayi”feat. Konono no.1

34.friends from rio feat. Carlos dafe-“so resta aportase abrir”(spiritual south rmx)

35.tuff city kids-“potion no.4”

36.morgan geist-“dark star”

37.S`express-„funky killer“( i-robots reconstruction)


39.luminance-“hymne au sang”

40.tipical me:”claustrofobian”

41.daniele baldelli-« inner light »feat.francesca amati

42.big star-« holocaust »

43.t.swift&the electric bag-« free form in G »

44.the pretty things-“dirty song”

45.barotti-“she once knew”