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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 03/05/16

1.john carpenter-“last sunrise”

2.pointe du lac-“end theme”



5.blancmange-“time day_night”

6.red stars over Tokyo-“exit lines”

7.bob Dylan-“come rain or come shine”(a cover)

8.vangelis-“my face in the rain”

9.associates-“edge of the world”

10.cat`s eyes-“drag”

11.anti-matter cavern-“zone null”


13.evangelist,gavin clark&toydrum-“never feel this young”



16.bibio-“light up the sky”


18.tuxedomoon-“crash”(non finito orchestra version)

19.the dandelion set-“bottom rung”

20.oum shatt-“tripped up-laid down”

21.dj shadow-“nobody speak”feat. Run the jewls

22.tom and his computer-“la fontaine”

23.sebastien bouchet-“etna”

24.die wilde jagd-« der meister »

25.chris davis-„all your life“

26.henri texier-“les la`-bas”(bonobo rmx)

27.mungolian jetset-« quintessential trips to bergen »

28.prince rama-« would you die to be adored »

29.explosions in the sky-“infinite orbit”

30.lee Mallory-“thats the way its gonna be”

31.the Lloyd alexander real estate-“whatcha gonna do(when your baby leaves you)”

32.alan vega,alex chilton,ben Vaughn-“fat city”

33.sextile-“smoke in the eye”

34.the adverts-“male assault”

35.interpol-“ same town,new story”(rmx by the field)

36.2+2=5-“mathematic `n logarithm”

37.borusiade-“feelings of entropy”

38.the liminanas-“dahlia rouge”

39.barry adamson-“texas crash”

40.underworld-“low burn”

41.brett Johnson-“danger”feat. Ellipsis(original)

42.acid pauli&monolink-“the end”(mollono.bass rmx)

43.lumiere noire-“dog is calling you”(die wilde jagd rmx)