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Lysergic Factory – 03/03/15

1.sons of melancholia-“trust and faith”.2.mick chillage-“only in my dreams”.3.jonsi&alex daniell-“in the sea”.4.the notwist-“object 3”.5.ariel kalma-“what would you say”.6.grasscut-“islander”.7.higelin&areski-“j`aurai bien voulu”.8.arthur-“wintertime”.9.john cale-“Chinese envoy”.10.villagers-“courage”.

11.howling-“signs”.12.model alpha-“dimensions”.13.cliff Martinez-“take it off”(from the original film score:only god forgives).14.fabrice du welz-“le faith”( from the film score:alleluia).15.craig Armstrong-“desole`”.16.john carpenter-“night”.17.mogwai-“the lord is out of control”(nils frahm rmx).18.rone-“quitter la ville”.19.frank hunter and his orchestra-“strange echoes”.20.condor gruppe-“righteous jam”.

21.mark lanegan band-“seventh day”(tom purse rmx).22.condor gruppe-“a man alone”( a tribute to john barry).23.mugwump-“doobie shine trouble” with Raphael lee.24.melanie de biasio-“i`m gonna leave you”(the cinematic orchestra rmx).25.dolly parton-“Jolene”(todd terje rmx).26.w.l. 27. Moscoman-“Fernandez”.28.dan deacon-“mama generator”.29.boot&tax-“brace brace”.30.munk-“cartoon”(patrick pulsinger rmx).

31.drvg cvltvre-“siege of power”.32.transllusion-“cerebral cortex malfunction”.33.kraftwerk-“aerodynamic”(intelligent design mix by hot chip).34.etienne jaumet-“stuck in the shadow of your love”.35.model 500-“hi nrg”.36.philamore Lincoln-“the north wind blew south”.37.strawberry alarm clock-“black butter,present”.38.july-“the way”.39.the west coast pop art experimental band-“smell of incense”.40.the five day week straw people-“Sunday morning?”.

  1. the pretty things-“I love you”.42.deviants-“nothing man”.43. the chocolate watchband-“I ain`t no miracle worker”.44.the pop group-“the immaculate deception”.45.red axes-“na da”.