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Lysergic Factory – 03/02/2015

1.natalie beridze-“winter boredom”.2.michel gravil-“sugar daddy”.3.merrin karras-“the veldt”.4.vatican shadow/function-“a year has passed”.5.wesseltoft,Schwarz,Berglund-“movement eleven”.6.craig Armstrong feat. Jerry burns-“dust”.7.odesza-“kusanagi”.8.z aka bernard szajner-“dune 2”(clara moto&tylor pope remake).9.bob Dylan-“stay with me”.10.sturgill simpson-“turtles all the way down”.

11.country joe&the fish-“crystal blues”.12.janis Joplin feat. Michael bloomfield-“one good man”. 13.judy henske-“high flying bird”.14.silk Rhodes-“real time”.15.lapalux-“closure” feat. Szerdene.16.gilb`r/beesan rum-“song for anna”.17.victim session-“see you when you get there”.18.aphex twin-“diskhat all prepared l mixed”.19.rodion g.a-“ a glass of water”.20.ariel kalma-“chase me now”.

21.pascal comelade&les liminanes-“you re never alone with a schizo”.22.axel kaygier-“invitame”.23.buttering trio-“falafel”.24.goldenberg&schmuyl-“petit traite de rugosite”.25.beat spacek-“you re the only one”.26.d angelo-“back to the future(pt.1)”.27.run the jewels-“lie,cheat, steal”.28.nou s`klaer-“oceanic bero”(mattheis rmx).29.relatively clean rivers-“thousand years”.30.jason crest-“you really got a hold on me”.

31.the fallen angels-“something new you can hide in”.32.pisces-“in the dreams of paula”.33.paine jade-“introspection”.34.jaded-“the king was”.35.the Jarvis street revue-“mr. oil man”.36.thomas leer-“gulf stream”.37.maximum joy-“white&green place”(extraterrestrial mix).38.model 500-“ I wanna be there”(excerpt).39.red axes-“balma” feat. Abrao.40.octove one-“Nicolette”.

41.edwards&Armani”acid drill”.42.gary low-“I want you”(romain bezzina edit).43.museum of love-“who`s who of who cares”(Daniel t.&cooper saver mix).44.stefan ringer-“mym”.