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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 03/12/2019

1.marea/tide-“heavenly tide”
2.cocoon-“peace 3MN”
3.boards of Canada-“olson”(BBC peel session 98`)
4.Elkka-“lvurslf interlude”
5.max cooper-“morphosis”
6.a winged victory for the sullen-“aqualung motherfucker”
7.leonard cohen-“listen to the hummingbird”
8.cigarettes after sex-“don`t let me go”
9.neil young-“I do”
10.pye corner audio-“deep end”
11.floating points-“birth”
12.nosaj thing-“voices”
13.aphex twin-“slo bird whistle”(BBC peel session 95)
14.teebs-“MmNtm”feat.family tree
15.lindstrom-“swing low sweet LFO”
16.mark lanegan band-“the bells ringing at once”
17.the blue nile-“god bless you kid”
18.moon duo-“fall(in your love”
19.FKA twigs-“sad day”
20.loudon wainwright-“ever since the world ended”(a mose Allison cover from the tribute album)
21.the king`s singers-“after the gold rush”(a Neil young cover)
22.cormac-“perfect time”
23.mick ronson-“i`d rather be me”(demo)
24.larry gus-“ a likely projection”
25.peter ivers-“love is a jungle”
26.michael kiwanuka-“hero”
27.the chambers brothers-“ time has come today”-j. chambers R.I.P
28.alif tree-“slo sombrero”
29.nolan potter`s nightmare band-“elf curse”
30.north sea radio orchestra feat- john greaves-“ the British road”( a Robert Wyatt cover)
31.little feat-“skin it back”- paul barere R.I.P
32.Kenneth bager-“stones and steel” feat. Findlay brown
33.mcgough&mcgear-“so much in love” feat. Jimi Hendrix
34.electric banana(aka the pretty things)-“grey skies”
35.minimal compact-“not knowing”(2019 version)
36.toy-“follow me”(Amanda Lear cover)
37.metronomy-“wedding bells”
38.paul martin-“the last remains of our love”
40.kak-“everything`s changing”
41.malaria-“how do you like my new dog?”
42.the pop group-“she is beyond good and evil”
43.warmduscher-“tainted lunch”
44.charlie megira-“elvis is not dead”
45.appart-“heroist”(substance rmx)
46.underworld-“this must be drum street”
47.the sonarphonic-“super breaker”
48.essaie pas-“earth”(passarani HINrg rmx)
49.talaboman-« dins El LLit »(superpitcher rmx)
50.fictish trail-« bad algebra »