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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 03/09/2019

1.takayuki shirashi-“gray shadows”
2.eno-“at the foot of the ladder”
3.erik wollo-“luftreise”
4.michael o`shea-“guitar no 1”
6.blaine l. reininger-“autumn shore”(from the godfather of odd/a hardy fox tribute)
7.nev cottee-“nightingale”
8.coil-“dark river”
9.mort garson-“mellow mood for maidenhair”
10.fay shapiro-“ru`ach mechapeset”
11.faye webster-“jonny”
13.hardy fox-“nicht gelangweilt”
14.kapitan(aka dori sadovnik)-“album song“
15.kenneth james gibson-„far from home”(superpitcher mix)
16.pride(aka david&m.t axelrod)-“song of the pirate”
17.polymood-“si o no”
18.hardy fox-“a song about you”
19.cortex-“flowers of evil”
20.alexander tucker-“precog”
21.blaine l.reininger-“trauriger sontag”(from mädchen in koffer(and other results) soundtrack)
22.pere ubu-„the world(as we can know it)”
23.mike patton&jean-claude vannier-« browning »
24.stereolab-« wow and flutter »(alternative mix)
25.anatolian weapons feat.seirios savvaidis-“limnothalassa”
26.moou moctar-“ilana”
27.denis young-“safari western”
28.battles-“titanium 2step” feat.sal principato
29.enzo kreft-“imagine a boot”
30.the golden filter-“electric light”
31.sommet-“Khumbu icefall”
32.robag wruhme-“AK-DO”
33.shakti-“the early train”
34.kalbata feat.tigris-“tamera”
35.cosmo vitalli-“tisja” feat. Tanja vezic”
36.franz Matthews&local suicide-“tutan jamon »(manfredes rmx)
37.station 17-« alles für alle »with strizi streuner
38.the fad-„singing lady“
39.kit sebastian-„pangea“
40.drinking electricity-„good times“
41.minimal compact-„statik dancin`“(2019 version)
42.autarkic-„i quote myself“
43.thom yorke-„not the news“(mark Pritchard rmx)
44.ride-“fifteen minutes”
45.oh sees-“snickersnee”
46.spirit(from potato land 81 version)-“we`ve got a lot to learn”
47.tony&terri-“I want you”
48.the end-“shades of orange”
49.ivory-“silver rains”
50.pepe bradook-“peepet booths”
52.tinariwen feat. Mich nelson-“taqkal tarba”
53.floating points-“last bloom”