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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 03/07/2018

1.leon vynehall-“from the sea/it looms(chapters 1&2)”
2.kenneth james Gibson-“further from home”
3.perel-“crocus vermus”
4.kuniyuki takahashi-“your home”
5.7 FO-“hakko suru zero”
6.jason kolar-“reversed swell”
7.basil kirchin-“I start counting”feat. Lindsey moore(from the film soundtrack)
8.danny wolfers-“lunch rain”
9.aisha badru-“dreamer”
10.troels hammer-“madsi”
11.nina simone-“images”(live in new York 1964)
12.mireille darc-“helicoptere”
13.bark psychosis-“rose”
14.ray la montagne-“such a simple thing”
15.rival consoles-“I think so”
16.jon hassell-“picnic”
17.girls names-“haus proud”
18.dj koze-“club der ewigkeiten“
19.orb-„daughnuts forever“
20.lykke li-„utopia“
21.oneohtrix point never-“still stuff that doesn t happen”
22.powell st.john-“synthetic love”
23.gene clark-“yesterday,am I right”
24.ryley walker-“spoil with the rest”
25.john prine-“egg&daughter nite,Lincoln Nebraska(crazy bone)”
26.areski-“le brouillard”
27.laurent pernice-“une certaine vague”
28.ame feat- matthew herbert-« the line »
30.uniting of opposites-“car number 27. Mr alpo”(tim deluxe rmx)
31.the del-byzanteens-“my world is empty”(the supremes cover)
32.gorillaz-“souk eye”
33.sly&Robbie with nils petter molvaer,eivind Aarset&vladislav delay-“was in the blues”
34.khidja-“embarking once more,upon that dark voyage”
35.the devil s anvil-“selim alai”
36.king gizzard and the wizard lizard-“muddy water”
37.melody s echo chamber-“breathe in,breath out”
38.shriekback-“the painter paints”
39.the last poets-“understand what black is”(dego&kaidi t. rmx)
40.soul sugar feat. Leonardo Carmichael-“I want you”(sly&Robbie voc. Rmx)
41.MDO-“dread nourishment”
42.the white screen-“death to techno”(red axes rmx)
43.viva la void-“devil”
44.wooden shjips-“already gone”
45.section 25-“dirty disco”
46.brian Jonestown massacre-“my poor soul”
47.protomartyr-“wheel of fortune”