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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 02/06/15

1.nosaj thing-“sci”

2.craig Armstrong-“early sun”

3.jean marc lederman experience-“schau mit liebe” with frank m.spinath

4.holger czukay-„in-between“


6.bill fay-“underneath the sun”

7.steve cobby-“mahelo”

8.castles in space-“herd the shadows” feat. Colin newman

9.matthias reiling-“is everybody here?”

10.the pop group-“echelon”(instro-mental)(from the versions galore ep)

11.anna caragnano&donato dozzy-“starcloud”

12.other lives-“new fog”

13.villagers-“darling arithmetic”

14.shriekback-“soft estate”

15.death and vanilla-“arcane”

16.shlohmo-“apathy”(feat. D 33j)

17.martin gore-“blade”

18.james pants-“artificial lover”

19.graham gouldman-“bus stop”

20.the gist-“love at first sight”

21.veronique vincent&aksak maboul-“je pleure tout le temps” (re-work by burnt friedman)

22.turzi-« chouette »

23.b.b king-« she`s dynamite”

24.vessels-“echo in”(rival consoles rmx)

25.george fitzgerald-“full circle”(radio edit)


27.maribou state-“the clown” feat. Pedestrian

28.the soft machine-“this place was meant for me”


30.the names-“the days”

31.wire-“split your ends”

32.django Django-“shake&tremble”

33.madden and harris-“fools paradise pt.2”

34.rainbow ffolly-“sun&sand”

35.magic castles-“dragonfly”

36.jacco gardner-“hypnophobia”

37.the gods-“to Samuel a son”

38.serpent power-“Lucifer`s dreambox”

39.syd Arthur-“morning`s recall”(the amorphous androgynous rmx)

40.the corporation-“yes I know”

41.cold sun-“forever”

42.the amboy dukes-“journey to the center of the mind”

43.supefjord-“a love supreme”

44.five or six-“chalk circle”

45.self control-“sometimes”

46.the neon judgement-“human fly”(the cramps cover)

47.mahk&Morpheus-“desert”(juju&jordash rmx)

48.international music system/i.m.s-“dancing therapy”

49.james curd-“jack be nimble”

50.red axes-“me and abra in Ruanda”