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Lysergic Factory – 02/02/16

1.jessica curry-“all the earth”(from the game soundtrack of everybody `s gone to the rapture)

2.mark van hoen-“bring it back”

3.i:cube-“sequence 3”

4.john foxx-“London overgrown”



7.aris kindt(aka francis harris&Gabriel Hedrick)-“snowbird”

8.perquel tapes-“untitled memory”

9.leon vynehall-“midnight on”

10.nico motte-“life goes on if you are lucky”

11.seahawks-“islands”(captain sunshine&the valley people-no man is mix)

12.chamberlain-“arched bay window”


14.tricky-“diving away”

15.david bowie-“girl loves me”

16.immersion-“slow light”



19.mark mcguire-“sons of the serpent”

20.dralms-“crushed pleats”

21.patrick Cowley-“deep inside you”

22.the(hypothetical)prophets(bernard szajaner+one)-“fast food”

23.josh ritter-“home coming”



26.chris davis-“vertical dub”(different fountains rmx)

27.p.f sloan-“I get out of breath”

28.jefferson airplane-“crown of creation”

29.the chocolate tunnel-“ostrich people”

30.simones-“shot down”

31.the rainbow press-“step aboard”

32.rupert`s people-charles brown”

33.family fodder-“playing golf(with my flesh crawling)

34.les goths-“reve de silence”

35.savages-« t.i.w.y.g »

36.charles de goal-« plus haut »

37.jegsy dodd&the sons of harry cross-« so here we are »


39.tc sound-“this is a dance hit”

40.benoit Gagnon&Massimiliano pagliara-“go south”

41.the black Madonna-“stay”

42.e-versions #5-“horn jam”

43.roman flügel-“picnic for players”

44.patrick Cowley-“kickin` in”feat.loverde

45.tiago – 12” jolly james

46.hector bizerk-“the bigger picture”