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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 02/10/2018

1.toshifumi hinata-“chaconne”
2.francois harris-“me to drift”
3.ryuichi sakamoto-“M7-love”(from rage original motion picture soundtrack)
4.DF tram-“eagles shield”
5.k.leimer-“café florian”
6.roger eno-“live forever”
7.black lodge-“untitled”
8.konrad kraft-“snort”
9.bochum welt-„lauren canyon“
10.moondog music covers project by k. labeque,d.chelmin, m.pupillo,r. seginier-“lullaby(2west 46th street)”
11.charles aznavour (R:I:P)-“non je n`ai rien oublie` »
12.bobbie gentry-« i saw an angel die »
13.jaye jayle-« path seven :marry us »
14.low-“always up”
15.jefferson airplane-“coming back to me”( marti balin R:I:P)
16.band apart-“o my beautiful song”
17.bruce haack-“when mothers of salem”
18.shy layers-“1977”
19.the amorphous androgynous-“elysian feels”
20.max cooper-“reciprocity”
21.otis rush (R:I:P )blues band-“ I can`t quit you baby”
22.hermine-“blue angel”(a roy orbison cover)
24.rejoicer-“lucid intent”
25.chris liebing-“card house” feat. Miles cooper seaton
26.oliver coates-“perfect apple with silver mark”
27.beak-“king of the castle”
28.gazelle twin-“dance of the peddlers”
29.nova materia-“amulet”
30.i:cube-“etire en avant”(live in paris 96)
31.chaim-“your mulana”
32.aphex twin-“abundance 10 edit”
33.jason crest-“black mass”
34.vibravoid-“echoes of time”
35.escape-ism-“(i m gonna)bite the hand that feeds”
36.oh sees-“moon bog”
37.einstürzende neubuten-“GS 2”(live)
38.guerilla toss-„meterological“
39.all them witches-„1st vs.2nd“
40.de ambassade-“wat voel je nou”
41.res-« doubt »
42.s.m nurse-« hot day in istanbul »
43.thomas fehlmann-“tempelhof”
44.syclops(aka Maurice fulton)-“Mario&soley”
45.john talabot –“the change”