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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 02/04/2019

1.visible cloaks-“lost lake”
2.james holden-“monk s theme pt.3(exit)”(from a Cambodian spring movie soundtrack)
3.nick zammuto-“fly away”(from we the animals movie soundtrack)
4.pablo s eye-“tamil nadu”
5.jean marc lederman experience-“I fellowed sleep”(a poem by Dylan Thomas)
6.james heather-“empire sounds”(string quartet version)
7.carlos walker-“via lactea”
8.apparat-“la minar flow”
9.susanna&the brotherhood of our lady-“gathering of birds”
10.helado negro-“todo lo que me falta”
11.ultramarine-“sleight of hand”
12.noah vanden abeele-“return“
14.weval-“doesn t do anything”
15.sasami-“I was a window”feat.dustin payseur
16.the cinematic orchestra-“zero one/this fantasy
17.these new puritans-“where the trees are on fire”
18.Quails-“softly “
19.karen 0&dangermouse-“lux prima”
20.unkle-“requiem(when you talk about love )feat.mark lanegan
21.lambchop-“everything is for you”
22.weyes blood- “movies”
23.family-“processions/no mule s fool”(bob harris show bbc live 71)
24.mana-“symphony of regulation”
25.station 17&pyrolator-“geister stunde,baby.
26.kate bush-“ne t enfuis pas”
27.steve spacek-«things outa my head »
28.anderson paak-“left to right”
29.jimmy luxury&the tommy rome orchestra-“cha cha cha”
30.durand jones&the indications- “too many tears”
31.marvin gaye-“try it,you ll like it”
32.the temptations-“get ready”
33.the undisputed truth-“sQueeze me,tease me”
34.commando koko feat.eosineire-“landscape of love”
36.fat white family-“tastes good with the money”(feat. Dexter dury)
37.ritual howls-“I can hear your tears”
38.foals-“in degrees”
39.charlotte adigery-“cursed and cussed”
40.elegia-“she says”
41.teeth of the sea-“gladiators ready”
42.pye corner audio-“the seventh labyrinth”
43.the claypool lennon delirium-“little fishes”
45.snapped ankles-“skirmish in the suburbs”
46.fumaca preta-“pina colada”
47.new order-“in a lonely place”
49.the revolving eyes-“cosquette,pancarte,delta plane”