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Lysergic Factory – 01/12/15

1.anthony child-“bypass default mode network”

2.blond:ish-“les pensamientos”

3.cloud boat-“youthern”


5.il guardiano del faro-“ma cipensi,io e te”

6.jacob gurevitsch-« mapa de saledad »(orig. mix)

7.the sound capsule-“sweet sweet lovin »

8.the twilight sad – “I couldn`t say it to your face”(written by Charles Arthur Russell jr.)


10.floating points-“elaenia”

11.synkro-“holding on”

12.mark mcguire-“the naacals”

13.silicon tree-“I didn’t see it coming”

14.blue daisy-“alone” feat.connie constance

15.len leise-“mandala maksim”

16.harmonia-“live at onkel pö in Hamburg(1975)”

17.ausländer-“ausländer”(first contact)

18.darondo-„listen to my song“

19.the clique-“don`t light a candle for me”

20.david bowie-“helden”(the German version of “heroes”)

21.roots manuva-“I know your face”

22.sly and the family stone-“runnin away”

23.larry gus-“the sun describes”

24.different fountains-“catch 23”



27.bob Dylan-“positively 4th street”(version 2)

28.leo Abrahams-“halo effect”

29.hox(e.g lewis&a.karperyd)-“javelin”

30.rival consoles-“looming”

31.kim fowley-“the trip”

32.apryl fool-“the lost motherland(pt.1)”

33.the delta saints-“soft spoken”

34.u.s girls-“sed knife”

35.the feelies-“forces at work”



38.syracuse-“vapeurs dequateur”

39.acid arab-“amal”

40.simple symmetry-“simsim”

41.pepe bradock-“abul- abbas”

42.dee wee(aka soulwax)-“klanken”(kant a1)

43.marguerite-“higher”(orig. mix)

44.lutto lento-“mondo hehe

Lysergic Factory 01/12/15 by Radio Campus Bruxelles 92.1 on Mixcloud