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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 01/11/2016

1.jon hopkins-“halcyon”

2.the orb-“the 10 sultans of Rudyard”(moo-moo mix) feat. Roger eno

3.lullaby movement-“ru-ru(sleep little baby)”

4.modaji-“belle epoque”(ambience)

5.leonard cohen-“leaving the table”

6.david bowie-“no plan”


8.emma tricca-“winter,my dear”

9.nick drake-“river man”

10.nouvelle vague-“loneliness”

11.big star-« blue moon »

12.north sea radio orchestra-« alsace lorraine »

13.nicolas jaar-“killing time”

14.the Gaslamp killer-“pathetic dreams”

15.the lemon twigs-“how lucky am i?”

16.soft hair-“a goood sign”

17.mild high club-“cary me back”

18.yair yona-“the sand`s last breaths”

19.youandewan-“have the guts”

20.oyowa-“new cross”(orig. mix)

21.la femme-“le vide est ton nouveau prenom”

22.adrian younge presents the electronique void-« suicidal love »

23.nils beach-“waiting”

24.yello-“blue biscuit”

25.michael mayer&joe goddard-“for you”

26.grumbling fur-“golden simon”

27.can-“vitamin c”(Thelonious beats,Gillespie edits(black cash&theo)

28.vanishing twin-“vanishing twin syndrome”

29.franck ocean-“nikes”

30.thundercat-“oh sheit it`s x”


32.red axes&Moscoman&Krikor-“Subaru pasha”(roman flügel rmx)

33.andy foray-“drac`s back”(admin dj edit)

34.save!-“darkness in the middle”(i-cube rmx)

35.paper hats-“tana”

36.andrew weatherall-“the last walk”(black devil disco club rework)

37.el`bleszczyk rock band himself-“hully gully neuaasthenique”

38.goat-“psychedelic lover”

39.blue orchids-“release”

40.hiss golden messenger-“as the crew flies”

41.x ray xpex-“the day the world turned day glo”

42.psychic tv-“alienist”


44.the cube boys feat. David byrne-“psycho killer”(mix)

45.prins Thomas-“c”(prins Thomas diskomiks)

46.black deer-“fertile flower”

47.rhythm express-“Kingston blues” feat.meiko Watson(excerpt)