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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 01/09/15

1.conrad Schnitzler&pyrolator-“389-8”

2.john beltran-“the worming storm/outro”

3.terry brooks&strange-“high flyer”

4.eskmo-“feed fire”

5.gill landry-“lately right now”

6.the twilight sad-“pills I swallow”

7.df tram-“the hands of time”feat.coppe

8.sergie rezza-“more basil”

9.jose padilla-“mojame”

10.automat-“sst 282”

11.tame impala-« new person,same old mistakes »



14.william shatner-“the transformed man”

15.renaldo and the loaf-“a critical dance”

16.gerhard Heinz-“all you ever need is beat”

17.wrongton-“dub session” feat. The rockers”

18.boot&tax-“good fela”

19.round three feat.tikiman-“acting crazy”

20.la priest-“oino”

21.roots manuva-“one thing”(radio edit)

22.gengahr-“fill my gums with blood”


24.das komplex-“universe”

25.led zeppelin-“friends”(bombey orchestra version)

26.noze-“holding you”

27.sleaford mods-“the blob”

28.the pop group-“nations”

29.dompeur mooner-“i`m a cliché edit service 60”

30.adrien-“white beast”

31.p.i.l-“double trouble”

32.matias Aguayo-“run away from the sun”

33.garanteed raw-“get a load of this”(instr.)

34.the chemical brothers-“woha”

35.todd terje-“inspector norse”(eric duncan rmx)

36.the paupers-“south down road”

37.the hollies-“then the heartaches begin”

38.vismets-“silence is ok”

39.the alan bown-“my girl the month of May”

40.the pretty things-“all light up”

41.the sonics-“bad betty”

42.serpent power-“the last ape in space”

43.moscoman-“devoue`”(manfredas rmx)

44.kohib-“dynamo rex”

45.dj enne-“stand up”

46.dikkens-“retrospective of a mind”