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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 01/03/16

1.kurt stenzel-“spiritual warriors”(from jodorowsky`s dune film soundtrack)

2.monkeen(aka nils frahm&f.gmeiner&s.singwald)-“the invention mother”

3.space captain-“still”

4.jack cutter-“gift of our fathers”(future mix)

5.submotion orchestra-“in gold”(edit)

6.mark van hoen(aka locust)-“all for you”

7.tempelhof&gigi masin-“joe jordan”

8.essaie pas-« demain est une autre nuit »

9.john cale-« if you were still around »(m :fans version)


11.pulsate-“reunion vip”

12.the wilde flowers-“the big show”

13.rare bird-“sympathy”

14.the Woodleigh research facility(aka nina walsh&andy weatherall)-“test result 6-emancipation garage”


16.lee van dowski-“1+1”

17.lifetones(aka Charles bullen from this heat)-“for a reason”

18.chu ishikawa-“rana-porosa porosa 1”(from the Japanese  tetsuo film soundtrack 1992)

19.bullion-“my lar”

20.rutes-“dance exotique”

21.a-wa-“habib galbi”(robo&snob rmx)

22.bjarno-“coming home(silver teunge)(orig. mix)

23.souleyman g.-no title

24.youth stand up!-come with me”

25.this heat-“ a new kind of water”

26.fit siegel-“carmine”

27.talc-“robot`s return(modern sleep over pt.2)

28.diploma-“got any Chris rea”(soulwax present belgica )

29.mick ronson-“music is lethal”(words translated by david bowie)

30.william s.burroughs-“love your enemies”

31.allen Ginsberg-“birdbrain”

32.jegsy dodd&the sons of harry cross-“the art of rape”

33.essaie pas-“retox”

34.love-“orange skies”(live in the 90`s)

35.jeff beck-“shapes of things”( a yardbirds cover)

36.all them witches-“dirt preachers”

37.the deviants-“death of a dream machine”

38.wand-“sleepy dog”


40.fat white family-“tin foil deathstar”



43.prins Thomas-“a1”

44.radion-“alle der kosmonauten”(lauer rmx)

45.jimi jules-„handeblick“