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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 01/10/2019

1.a winged victory for the sullen-“the rhythm of a dividing pair”
2.gigi masin&j.nash-“astro”
3.toshifumi hinata-“broken belief”
4.kyle Dixon&Michael stein-“mirkwood”(from the series stranger things 3 soundtrack)
5.wilson tanner-“safe bird”
6.dino spiluttini-“flesh angel”
7.trjj-“random blunt-elisian park stroll”
8.riff kitten-“koi garden”
9.dylan moon-“song for jerry”
10.salami rose joe louis-“meet zee in 3-d/third dimension”
11.oharaska-“a fabula”
12.the beatles-“because”(from the newly mixed album)
14.max richter-“war anthem”(from woolf works/the royal ballet)
15.nev cottee-“scattered leaves”
16.syml-“meant to stay hid”
17.the space lady-“street of dreams”(a Ritchie blackmore cover)
18.iggy pop-“do not go gentle into that good night”(a poem by Dylan Thomas)
19.david august-“narciso”
20.modern nature-“nightmares”
21.mike patton&jean claude vannier-« camion »
22.devendra banhart-« my boyfriend in the band”
23.charles hayward-“alphabetical order”
24.spirit-“morning light”
25.lana del rey-“the next best American record”
26.the white screen-“Jerusalem”
27.trentemoller-“in the garden”
28.moon duo-“eye 2 eye”
29.ride-“dial up”
30.massive attack vs.mad professor-“rising son”(setting sun dub two)
31.toots and the maytals-“in the dark”
32.polymood-“l`arrivee au port de lagos »
33.acid arab-« malek yazahri » feat.cheikha hadjla
34.gudrun gut-« lover »(t.raumschmiere rmx)
35.metronomy-„whitsand bay“
36.the william singers-„don`t give up”
37.black pumas-“old man”
38.zapp-“playin`kinda ruff”
39.rick james-“super freak”
40.brittany howard-“13th century metal”
41.singapore sling-“it`s a hit”
42.automatic-“suicide in texas”
43.de ambassade-“duistre kamers”
44.enzo kreft-“book burnings”
45.the Kaplan brothers-“vodka and caviar”
46.the mysterious minds-“welfare to unemployment”
47.jennifer vanilla-“space time motion”
48.minimal compact – ”my will”
49.gümix-“exercise”(partigüre mix)
50.rupa disco-“aaj shanibar »