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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 31/03/2020

1.andrew Thomas-“sleep fall”
2.troels hammer-“black/star” feat. Reinhard vanbergen
3.k.leimer-“lurid chaconne”
4.the orb-“pervitin”(empire callings&thehemlocks stone version)
5.moses sumney-“indulge me”
6.four tet-“4 t recordings”
7.west/bridges-“looking back johanna”
9.alessandro aleesandtoni-“arioso spirituale”
10.brigid mae power-“wearing red that eve”
11.big jim Sullivan-“the sitar and the rose”
12.big bend-“four”(feat. Laraaji)
14.musica espora`dice-“I forgot the shirts”
15.blood,sweat&tears-“without her”(a harry nilsson cover)
16.the peddlers&the London philharmonic orchestra-“I have seen”
17.sex judas feat. Ricky-“snake song”
18.david axelrod-“ken Russell”
19.manu dibango-“soul makossa. MANU DIBANGO R.I.P
20.sundaArc-« hymn »(excerpt)
21.bomadol-« when the city sleeps »
22.lee ranaldo&raül refree-“names of north end women”
23.baxter dury-“i`m not your dog”
24.arthur Russell-“iowa dream”
25.calibro 35-“thunderstrms and data”
26.joe walsh-“meadows”
27.youth&jah wobble-“panzer dub”
28.mo-dettes-“milord”(edith piaf cover)
29.die mekons-“this sporting life”( from the 80 compilation beauty now for the future”)
30.casino music-“jungle gangster”
31.planning by numbers-“motorcade”
32.DAF-“der Mussolini”  GABI DELGADO R.I.P
33.shriekback-„this is the science“
34.u-bahn-“beta boys”
35.cold beat-“mother”
36.dukes of stratosphear-“colideascope”(2019 stereo mix)
37.the claypool lennon delirium-“oxycontin girl”
38.les grys-grys-“time flies and still”
39.the rationals-“someday”
40.tyrnaround-“carrol by candle light”
41.the paupers-“magic people”
42.sorry-“more”(radio edit)( excerpt)