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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 31/01/2023

1.faten Kanaan – votive

2.tim story&hans – joachim roedelius- lunz

3.lemond Campbell – for the unnerved

4.ryuichi sakamoto – thatness and thereness (Cornelius re-model) a tribute to sakamoto

5.suss – needles

6.black ox orkestar – skotsehne

7.chris davis – presence

8.the stranglers – la folie / JET BLACK R.I.P

9.michel banabila – breathe

10.rodrigo amarante – I can`t wait

11.this immortal coil – Christmas a new dewing near (coil cover)

12.andrew Tuttle – there`s always a crow

13.denis Frajerman – sous ses ailes

14.junior boys – samba on sama

15.neil young – walking on the road( to the future)

16.hermanos Gutierrez – los amantes

17.julie driscoll – the choice

18.dean blunt – hush

19.john cale – moonstruck( Nico’s song)

20.kutiman – my everything feat. Dekel

21.dan the automator/lovage – lifeboat

22.sault 11 – fear no one

23.lucio battisti – una poltrona

24.aksak maboul – talking with the birds

25.david allen&gilli smyth/gong – Fred fish hope you feel ok

26.forever pavot – dans la voiture

27.altin gün – leylim ley

28.acid arab – hafla(instrumental)

29.jesus&genius – Turkish kebab

30.blancmange – chairs

31.yukihiro takahashi – extra-ordinary  / YUKIHIRO TAKAHASHI R.I.P

32.röyksopp – like an old dog

33.unloved – waiting for tomorrow

34.fujiya&miyagi  – digital hangover

35.television – little Johnny jewel(pt.1)/  TOM VERLAINE R.I.P

36.gaz coombes – long live the strange

37.dead meadow – to let time go by

38.iggy pop – strung out Johnny

39.bass drum of death – find it