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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 30/01/2024

1.cowboy sadness – ten paces  feat. Bing&ruth

2.global communication – 0`54

3.miguel Atwood fergüson – zolicus

4.jb dunckel – forest

5.julie Byrne – the greater wings

6.koen de bruyne – inside                                                                                                                                            

7.cult with no name – you are what you eat

8.pauline Anna strom – plot zero

9.richard Hawley – not the only road

10.a winged victory for the sullen – every solstice &equinox

11.johnny jewel – necromancer(from holly the movie soundtrack)

12.philipp otterbach – left hand society

13.marika Hackman – the ground

14.gigi Masin – coraline

15.vince Clarke – imminent

16.cabane – Rome

17.the Shangri- las – past, present and future  // MARY WEISS R.I.P

18.nicolas jaar&ali sethi – raat bhar

19.the Beatles – i am the walrus(2023 mix version)

20.bill Ryder- jones – it`s today again

21.serpentwith feet – black air force feat. Mike Jenkins

22.yin yin – the year of the rabbit

23.jane weaver – perfect storm

24.the smile – I quit

25.laid back – mig (excerpt)

26.sven wunder – ultramarine

27.gruff Rhys – silver lining lead balloons

28.fat white family – bullet of dignity

29.the heliocentrics – distant star

30.drop nineteens  –  the price was high

31.pascal comelade&the liminanas – ceci est un enregistrement magnétique

32.tom tom club – this is a foxy world

33.mozart estate – low life(a p.i.l cover)

34.can – I’m so green

35.the legendary tigerman – ghost rider (a suicide cover)

36.elephant chateau – wir fangen mit arbeit an

37.enon – come into

38.collection d`Arnell-andrea – pieces of rain

39.meatraffle – secret fizzy

40.vox low – henry rode

41.headman – sometimes

42.psychedelic porn crumpets – I’m a kadavar(alaka zam)

43.chrome – repo man(feat. Mel Collins)

44.brix smith – Aphrodite

45.quasi – back in your tree

46.add n to(x) – kingdom of shades

47.thomas fehlmann – permanent touch (excerpt)