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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 3/11/2020

1.william basinski-                               tear vial

2.suso saiz&Suzanne kraft-                                between no things

3.autechre-                               escdesc

4. hiroshi yoshimura-                                 ice copy

5.ralph Kinsella-                               violet

6.grand river-                                 Mr. speaker

7.actress-                                       reverend

8.graham Reynolds-                                 you will not rest  

(from the original score of Alfred Hitchcock`s the lodger)

9.michael rother-                                   wopp-wopp

10.oliver Coates-                                   caregiver 4(spirit)

11.reinhard vanbergen&be.lanuit-                                      Hillary

12.faten Kanaan-                                   Patagonia motot2:andes

13.belbury poly-                                     root and branch

14.mary Lattimore-                                     fine trees

15.hot chip-                                        none of  these things

16.leonard cohen-                                      democracy

17.tor Lundvall-                                        watched

18.john cale-                                        lazy day

19.nicolas Michaux-                                      une seconde chance

20.kate NV-                                        tea( the melody on tea is borrowed from Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto no.1)

21.kruder&dorfmeister-                                      king size

22.denise Sherwood-                                             amnesia moon

23.beverly glenn-copeland-                                          this side of grace

24.simon hold-                                             magn

25.sven wunder-                                            bamboo and rocks

26.ugly mood-                                            turning off

27.jane weaver-                                      the revolution of super visions(radio edit)

28.spectrum-                                            take me away

29.goat-                                           words

30.pointe du lac-                                        program 3.14

31.the heliocentrics-                                    black sky

32.andy bell-                                           skywalker

33.ela minus-                                      el  cielo no es de nadie

34.sneaks-                                         Scorpio on your side

35.gorillaz-                                          aries

36.pulsallama-                                       oui oui(a Canadian in paris)

37.working men`s club-                                       tomorrow

38.a certain ratio-                                          taxi guy

39.add n to (x)-                                         the poker roll(extended)

40. stano-                                                room