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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory – 29/09/2020

1.juliette Greco-                   les feuilles mortes               Juliette Greco R.I.P

2.kaitlyn aurelia smith-                     tides2

3.paul haslinger-                      the waiting room

4.the transcendence  orchestra-                          the goose and the wren

5.cavern of anti-matter-                            cold fabric(descent)

6.nicolas jaar-                               chain hello

7.faten ranaan-                          reve riviere

8.conjoint-                                bar rock

9.bing&ruth-                           bad water psalm

10.roy budd-    the internecine project( theme from the movie soundtrack )

11.nicolas michaux-                         amusement park

12.tor Lundvall-                            hidden

13.roland p.young-                           envelope

14.rodolphe burger-                            la chamber

15.dallas acid-                                 emalyets hav

16.gorillaz feat. Robert smith-                           song machine:strange timez

17.sven wunder-                            lily

18.run the jewels-                            ooh la la feat. Greg nice&dj premier

+  out of sight                    feat.2 chainz(excerpt)

19.dj krush-                         regeneration

20.sufjan stevens-                      video  game

21.chris britton-                            fly with me

22.thurston moore-                      hashish

23.spectrum-                             forever alien

24.figueroa(aka amon tobin)-                           weather girl

25.brigitte fontaine&areski belkacem-                             cest normal

26.international teachers of pop-                              I stole yer plimsoles

27.coma choices-                               embargo

28.marie Davidson&loeil nu-                            worst comes to worst

29.a certain ratio-                                 berlin

30.sneaks-                                    faith

31.yello-                             big boy`s blues

32.warmduscher-                         midnight dipper(soulwax rmx)

33.prince-                         blanche

34.pain Olympics-                           angel dust

35.straight shooter-                        Friday on my mind(an easybeats cover)

36.osees-                                if I had my way

37.beatfoot-                            dreamz

38.redrago-                              ventilo

39.black pumas-                         i`m ready(excerpt)

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