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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 28/03/2023

1.coil – I don´t want to be the one

2.ifsonever – asleep at the wheel

3.genetic factor – the drip drop

4.massive attack feat. James messiah – dear friend

5.tolga böyük&Kenneth bager – the end

6.roman flügel – ambienteuse

7.flore laurentienne – fleuve v(léger retour)

8.nicolas Godin – pedagogic(from fire of love movie soundtrack)

9.urbs – levitation

10.nosajthing feat. Panda bear – all over

11.dry clinic – a place for everyone

12.nick cave&warren ellis – Gemini(from blonde movie soundtrack)

13.hollie kenniff – salient

14.grand river – petrichor

15.suss – no man`s land

16.sun tailor – you`re gonna make me lonesome when you go(a bob Dylan cover)

17.brian eno – inclusion

18.lana del Rey feat.syml – Paris Texas

19.gorillaz feat. beck – possession island

20.mason Williams – life song

21.aksak maboul – le mur

22.death and vanilla – fearless

23.au Suisse – plans

24. sault – fight for love

25.machine – lock your door

26.erykah badu – amerykahn promise

27.nujabes – latitude rmx feat. Five deez

28.kaleidoscope – lie to me //DAVID LINDLEY R.I.P

29.the blues project – wake me, shake me //DANNY KALB R.I.P

30.pulp – glory days // STEVE MACKEY R.I.P

31.quasi – nowheresville

32.death valley girls – journey to dog star

33.the waeve – can I call you

34.gina birch – I will never wear stilettos

35.constant smiles/Kenneth anger – in my heart

36.motrik – artificial head

37.trees speak – burner

38.clair obscure – mon ami mon frère

39.patrick Cowley – wicked tool