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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 26/12/2023

1.villagers&lisa hannigan – the little drummer boy(a trap family cover)

2.biosphere – interval signal

3.niecy blues – IIII

4.tim story – reprise

5.bardo pond – war is over pt.1

6.roger eno – through the blue(st.swithin`s)

7.blaine L.reininger – bones(text by Samuel beckett)

8.ifsonever – maelstrom

9.peter Gabriel – love can heal(dark-side mix)

10.pauline Anna strom – domestic peace

11.still corners – today is the day

12.melanie de biasio – nonnarina

13.jim O’Rourke – man`s mind will play tricks on him(edit)

(from hands that bind movie soundtrack)

14.grian chatten – season for pain

15.torres – I got the fear

16.mitski – when memories snow

17.bill Ryder jones – if tomorrow starts without me

18.immaterial possession- in the loom

19.gruff Rhys – sadness sets me free

20.clark – alyosha

21.x-ray spex – India

22.pyrolator – Cassiopeia(excerpt)

23.principles of geometry – glower

24.black pumas – ice cream(pay phone)

25.the oraingers – shine your light

26.dj shadow – you played me

27.some more crime – sex is not right

28.unknownmix –nightmare

29.emma Anderson – xanthe

30.drop nineteens – scape flow

31.melenas ahora – tu y yop

32.motrik – ride the lion

33.lol tolhurstXbudgieXjacknife lee – this is what it is (to be free) feat. Bobby Gillespie

34.vince Clarke – scarper

35.enon! – bio feedback

36.pascal comelade&the liminanas – concinacion

37.vox low – it grows

38.red axes – hey ft. a.lonzo

39.thee oh sees – lupine dominus

40.psychedelic porn crumpets – pill house(papa moonshine)

41.gros Coeur – dax

42.don lets – crooked face (excerpt)