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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 26/05/2020

1.kaitlyn Aurelia smith-“carrying gravity”

2.cocoon/aka Christophe demsrthe-“cindy”

3.mogwai-“fears of metal”


5.amon tobin-“dust for duster”

6.conjoint-“strange ideas”

7.jackie lynn-“Lenexa”

8.desolate-“farewell #3”

9.moses sumney-“colouour”

10.yui onodera-“cromo3”

11.stubbleman-“Griffith park”(aksak maboul rmx)

12.la`szlo` ihortoboa`gyi-“reptiles”

13.einsturzende neubauten-« alles in allem »

14.teebs-„marcel interlude“

15.seahawks-„sun salute“

16.john beltran-„the second i wake”

17.peter Gabriel-“that`ll do”

18.dub tribe-“sting rey(version)”

19.mark lanegan-“at zero below”


21.other lives-“we wait”

22.ben harper-“faded”(4 hero`s dollis hill groove)

23.conrad Schnitzler-“zug”

24.aksak maboul-“ins bleistiftgebiet”

25.joni Mitchell-“paprika plains”

26.bullion-“ we had a good time”

27.the bonzo dog band-“release me”(engelbert Humperdinck cover)

28.eno-“seven deadly finns”

29.the flying lizards-“move on up”(Curtis Mayfield cover)

30.buddy rich-“the beat goes on”(sonny&cher cover)

31.bobby hughes combination-“bobby`s second warning”

32.kenny dope-“can you handle it(pt.1)”

33.sadistic mika band-“silver child”

34.cold beat-“pearls”

35.rose city band-“wildflowers”

36.wah! heat-“seven minutes to midnight”

37.the fall-“fol de rol”

38.severed heads-“bad mood guy”

39.mory kante-“yeke yeke”(original)- MORY KANTE R.I. P

40.sunda arc-“daemon”(excerpt)

41.chris davis-“traction”