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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 24/01/2023

1.suss – the open door

2.manuel göttsching – Quasarsphere /  MANUEL GÖTTSCHING R.I.P

3.michel banabila&umlat(feat. Salar asid) – burgeon B

4.brian eno – sherry

5. voice of art – the art of saying no

6.kutiman – high&dry

7.phoebe bridgers –  so much wine

8.ryuichi sakamoto&Carsten Nicolai – grains(sweet paulownka wood)(david sylvian remodel)

9.david Crosby – traction in the rain /DAVID CROSBY R.I.P

10.kuedo – encounter(vanish)

11.mark snow – coeurs main theme(from private fears in public places)

12.plaid – Perspex

13.this immortal coil – titan arch ( a coil cover)

14.jan van den broeke – I’m Harriet(a free woman)

15.trees speak – Quantum mysticism

16.royksopp – the next day

17.condor gruppe – galata

18.john cale – out your window

19.bob brown – Selina

20 Iggy pop – morning show

21.black ox orkestar – mizrakh mi ma`arav

22.clare torry – theme from film oce

23.east – me

24.paul Leary – Indians storm the government

25.gerardo manuel&humo – hacia donde van?

26.blancmange – who am i

27.the warlocks – left and right of the moon

28.dead meadow – Valmont`s pad

29.panda bear&sonic boom – whirlpool

30.decius – show me no tears

31.david allen&gilli smyth – 5and20 school girls

32.forever pavot – dans mes cordes

33.judah warsky&gilbert cohen – double detente

34.loraine james – what now?

35.snakefinger – I love you too much to respect you

36.leftfield – accumulator

37.günter schickert – leihst du mir dein ohr

38. jean michel jarre – brutalism