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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 21/03/2023

1.urbs – ever golden

2.alva noto feat. Martin l.gore&William basinski – subterraneans (a david bowie  cover)

3.faten Kanaan – florin court

4.ifsonever – home

5.rodrigo amaranite – Irene

6.nosaj thing –  continua

7.hollie kenniff – this division

8.grand river – Kura

9.unloved – far from here

10.donovan – rock me(feat. David Gilmour)

11.death and vanilla – mercury`s rising

12. roman flügel – duftschulter

13.john cale – time stands still feat. Sylvan Esso

14.the waeve – undine

15.nick cave&warren ellis – Gemini acoustic(from blonde movie soundtrack)

16.walter wegmüller – die herrscherin

17.sylvie – further down the road

18.jurgen paape feat. Bruno – le monde a changé

19.eartheater – fontanel

20.aksak maboul – zone blanche

21.unknown mortal orchestra – meshuggah

22.le butcherettes – the universe

23.david bowie –  king of the city(demo)

24.tarzan 5 –   different story

25.gina birch – wish I was you

26.abracadabra – in photo

27.brix smith – fast net

28.quasi – shitty is pretty

29.sleaford mods – force 10 from navarone feat. Florence Shaw

30.bass drum of death – too cold to hold

31.motrik – particle maze

32.plaid – wondergan

33.leonie Pernet – les chants de maldorur(para one rmx)

34.gorillaz – new gold feat.tame impala&bootie brown

35.royksopp – stay awhile ( excerpt)

36.decisive pink(Kate nv+deradoorian) – haffmilch holiday(jane weaver rmx)

37.the rah band – messages from the stars

38.mssimiliano pagliara – reset feat. Roneau&coloray

39.daphni – always there

40.inda jani&manuel sahagun – chemical take(checkerout)

41.todd terje – ragysh (excerpt)