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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 20/10/2020

1.suso saiz&suzanne Kraft-                          on plateau

2.nicolas jaar-                            telahuko(excerpt)

3.graham Reynolds-                           a kiss on the hand

4.oliver Coates-                                soaring x feat. Malibu

5.anna von hausswolff-                              dalore di orsini

6.hiroshi yoshimura-                                  clouds

7.faten Kanaan-                                Hesperides

8.mary Lattimore-                                  chop on the climbout

9.beverly glenn-copeland-                                      la vita feat. Maggie dacehollis

10.nicolas michaux-                                         every word

11green-house-                                     perennial bloom

12.machinedrum-                                       idea36 feat. Chrome sparks

13.hot chip-                                        nothing changed

14.figueroa( aka Amon Tobin)-                                         if you knew my name

15.roy budd-                                       somebody`s  going to have to kill him

(from the internecine project movie soundtrack)

16.goat-                                         talk to god

17.sven wunder-                                         hyacinth

18.a certain ratio-                                       bouncy   bouncy

19.andy bell-                                       love comes in waves

20.pulsallama-                                    rhythm method

21.reaper/aka fila brazillia)-                                        the rules

22.rodolphe burger-                                        ba  ba boom time

23.thurston Moore-                                        calligraphy

24.the raincoats-                                       running away( a sly stone cover)

25.the five Americans-                                          come  on up

26.the Dave Clark five-                                         concentration baby

27.the warlocks-                                           you stooge you

28.working men`s club-                                         john cooper Clarke

29.van hallen-                                             jump  – eddy van hallen R.I.P     

30.denise Sherwood-                                          music shall live feat. Lee scratch Perry

31.oneohtrix point never-                                          long road

32.the heliocentrics-                                            space cake

33.prince-                                            witness 4 the prosecution

34.alfredo( prod. The alchemist and rap by Freddie Gibbs)–                         baby shit

35.sneaks-                                            sanity

36.run the jewels-                                              the ground below

37.public enemy-                                         grid     feat. Cypress hill&George Clinton

38.crack cloud-                                               favour your fortune

39.charles Webster-                                         the spell feat. Ingrid Chavez( c. Webster vocal mix)

40.yello-                                                        basic avenue