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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

DJ Morpheus Lysergic Factory 20/02/2024

1.sensitizer – A.I

2.molly Lewis – on the lips

3.cowboy sadness – first rodeo feat. Bing&ruth

4.vince Clarke – the lamentations of Jeremiah

5.leslie winer – once I was (a Tim Buckley cover)

6.jeremiah chiu – seawater swell

7.tim Buckley – once I was

8.immaterial possession – night cup

9.sivan Levi – steams

10.cabane – all we could do&tout ira bien

11.johnny jewel – the misfits(from holly motion picture soundtrack)

12.bill Ryder- jones – a bad wind blows in my heart pt3.

13.sam burton – Maria

14.yin yin – ascending to Matsu’s height

15.eartheater – salt of the earth(h2ome)

16.vera sola – waiting

17.ali sethi&Nicolas jaar – dard

18.philipp otterbach – glottischlag feat.gatto fritto

19.grian chatten – east coast bed

20.high llamas – toriafan

21.x-ray spex – good time girl

22.jane weaver – romantic worlds

23.ryuichi sakamoto – hane no hayashi de

24.bullion – rare feat. Carly Rae Jepsen(radio edit)

25.gruff Rhys – celestial candy floss

26.the clientale – lady grey

27.the smile – teleharmonic

28.laid back – sitting in my sofa

29.kreidler – diver

30.the legendary tigerman – will we be alright?

31.hyperculte – les pierres

32.the bevis frond – Vitruvian man

33.jb dunckel – spark

34.fred und Luna – monotonikum

35.dj shadow – she`s evolving

36.bicep – Chroma

37.meatraffle – Lambeth walk

38.collection d`Arnell-andrea – my heart a storm

39.red axes – bring it on feat. Cole alexander

40.the Jesus and Mary chain – chemical animal

41.pale blue eyes – our history(excerpt)