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DJ Morpheus – Lysergic Factory – 19/07/2016

1.death and vanilla-“lux”

2.death in vegas-“transwave”

3.james blake-“f.o.r.e.v.e.r”


5.the swan and the lake-“dive”feat.anders brandt(orig.)

6.spooky black-“pull”

7.pink industry-“is this the end”(lp version)

8.vivian Goldman/chantage-“tu m`fais rire »

9.michael kiwanuka-« i`ll never love »

10.ray lamontagne-“another day”

11.cat`s eyes-“teardrops”

12.mickey newbury-“danny boy”

13.the highwayman(j.cash,w.nelson,w. Jennings, k.kristofferson)-“desperados waiting for a train”(a tribute/cover of guy clark)

14.iggy pop&jose homme-“chocolate drops”

15.gold panda-“your good times are just beginning”

16.blood orange-“best to you”

17.magical ring-“spatial feeling”


19.sei A-“morning soldier”

20.richard pinhas-“ruitor”

21.weval-“days”feat.romy day

22.john foxx&the maths-“a man and a woman”

23.angel rada-“panico a las 5a.m”

24.eric copland-“honorable mentions”

25.aphex twin-“cheeta 1b-ms800”

26.cherry Garcia-“kill your speed”

27.suicide-“ghost rider”

28.beyond the wizards sleeve-“door to tomorrow”

29.acid arab-“Buzq blues”

30.bader motor-“your world or mine?”

31.roots manuva-“on a high”

32.dj shadow-“the sideshow”feat.ernie fresh

33.the avalanches-“Saturday night inside out”

34.the allergies-“god walked down”

35.sepalcure-“dub of”

36.kutiman-“shine again”(weedo rmx)


38.joy division-“shadowplay”

39.man without world-“all nymphs are volcanic”

40.humour malade-“one moment like this”

41.severed heads-“blame”

42.colour box-“breakdown”

43.the monkees-“I was there(and I’m told i had a good time)

44.la femme-“sphynx”

45.krzysztof klenczon-“nie pazejaziemy do historii”

46.holy fuck-“shivering”

47.the mystery lights-“too many girls”

48.rheinzand-“the way you do”

49.vitalic-“film noir”

50.lizzy mercier descloux-“hard boild babe”(perez rmx)

51.de la soul-“pain”