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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory – 19/05/2020

1.gigi masin-“bellamore”
2.dub tribe-“selene`s song”
3.j.wiltshire-“in the position”
5.seahawks-“river run”
6.spirit and form-“twilight pathway”
7.lemongrass-“ville lumiere”
8.moses sumney-“stoicism”
9.einsturzende neubauten-“am landwehrkanal”
10.andy patridge and Harold budd-“hand 19”
11.david bowie-“I can`t read 97”
12.marea/tide-“gloomy points”
13.la tordue-“le petrin”
14.francesco tristano-“endover”
15.aksak maboul-“silent silhouettes”(re-mix)
16.the detroit escalator co.-« the inverted man(dreaming)”
17.hunter complex-“star crash”
18.colourbox-“philip glass”
19.agnes bernelle-“broken bicycles”(a tom waits cover)
20.mark lanegan-“the game of love”
21.peter hammill-“the institute of mental health, burning”
22.mother earth-“down so low”
23.lorraine Ellison-“stay with me”
24.durand jones and the indications-2court of love”
25.rjd2-“here`s whats`s left”
26.the butterfield blues band-“in my own dream”
27.thundercat-“overseas” feat.zack fox
28.stock, hausen&Walkman-“broccoli”
29.kaitlyn Aurelia smith-“the spine is quiet in the center”
30.astral dance-“transcendant waveform”
31.ghostpoet-“I grow tired but dare not fall asleep”
32.the fool-“fly”
33.the pretty things-“defecting grey”-PHIL MAY R.I.P
34.jethro tull-“living in the past”
35.other lives-“lost day”
36.shel Naylor-one fine day”
37.steve cobby-“we lost our magic on the pier”
38.les grys-grys-“satisfy the lord of anarchy”
39.the lovely eggs-“you`ve got the balls”
40.novak`s kapelle-“hypodermic needle”
41.red axes-“moonlight”
42.throbbing gristle-“something came over me”
43.wasted youth-“Rebecca`s room”
44.men with secrets-“aletheia”
45.fad gadget-“make room”(excerpt)