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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 18/06/2024

1.black declarants – reflections/5

2.anoushka Shankar – Pacifica

3.ali sethi&Nicolas jaar – nazar se

4.immersion&thor Harris – just close your eyes

5.hermanos Gutierrez – lagrimas negras

6.floating world pictures with ocean moon – hearts gates

7.einstürzende neubauten – tar&feathers

8.robert Wyatt – masters of the field(from le people migrateur film soundtrack)

9.cigarettes after sex – K                                                                                                                                             

10.cassandra Jenkins – delphinium blue

11.agnes bernelle – broken bicycles(a tom waits cover)                                                                   

12.myriam gendron – look down that lonesome road

13.lee hazlewood – Martha(those were days of roses)(a tom waits cover)

14.francoise Hardy – message personnel / FRANCOISE HARDY R.I.P

15.king Hannah – suddenly ,your hand

16.beth gibbons – oceans

17.karate boogaloo – all aboard

18.future sound of London – eyes pop-skin explodes-everybody dead

19.immersion&cubzoa – I’m barely here

20.beak – the seal (excerpt)

21.coma – disconnected

22.michal head&the red elastic band – shirl`s ghost

23.daniel boeckner – dead tourists

24.mgmt – dancing in Babylon feat. Christine and the queens

25.bryan ferry – raga

26.bullion – cinch

27.rasco – Louisa

28.richard Hawley – deep waters

29.pressure drop – unify(rappel)

30.hyperculte – temps mort

31.la femme – la femme resort

32.normil Hawaiians – the beat goes on

33.delta 5 – mind your own business

34.laroz – cars ( a Gary numan rework)

35.la luz – good luck with your secret

36.vicious pink – cccan`t you see

37. Kelley Stoltz – awake in a dream

38.a certain ratio – keep it real

39.project Gemini – lost in the woods(paranoia)

40.rodion&mammarella – acorente alter nota

41.amen dunes – I don`t mind