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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 17/10/2023

1.jori hulkkonen – the becoming feat. Ralf dörper

2.brian  eno – delirious circle (from the top boy series soundtrack)

3.hauschka – loved ones

4.suss – salt flats

5.mitski – star

6.melanie de biasio – mi ricor do dite

7.chocolate hills &  the orb – cracking kraken

8.mary Lattimore – music for applying shimmering eye shadow

9.simon says – casa Susanna

10.koen de bruyne – fences (from in kluis movie soundtrack)

11.devendra banhart – the party

12.onehotrix point never – again

13.slowe – lunar

14.vanishing twin – subito

15.timber timbre – confessions of dr. woo

16.unloved – strange effect feat. Raven violet ( ray davis cover)

17.nick cave&Debbie harry – on the other side (the Jeffrey lee pierce sessions project)

18.slowdive – prayer remembered

19.pale blue eyes – underwater

20.loraine james – gentle confrontation

21.the kvb – liar liar (excerpt) ( castaways cover)

22.zeus b. held – drive my car (Beatles cover)

23.osk arova fobija – bell dekoite

24.naeon teardrops – shadow sister

25.crawling chaos – breaking down

26.OMD – verusahka

27.add n to(x) – lick a battery (tongues cross the terminals)

28.shit robot – breath

29.blancmange – living on the ceiling(roman flügel rmx)

30.osees – chaos heart

31.night beats – morocco blues

32.yeah,yeah, yeahs – spitting off the edge of the world(try rmx)

33.meatraffle – robots

34.gros Cœur – java

35.comite` hypnotise` – rising attic

36.paul roux – bapteme

37.moebius, plank & Neumeier – search zero

38.goat – tsod

39.james Holden – the missing key

40.the chemical brothers – fountains

41. people like us – snippy