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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 16/06/2020

1.four tet,          “this is for you”

2.rone,          “ solastalgia”

3.thys&amon tobin,         “ ghostcards”

4.jacaszek,          “encounter me in the orchard”(from the film November soundtrack)

5.luke Schneider,           “umbra”

6.ben shemie,             “dream”

7.sun tailor,              “true love will find you in the end”(a Daniel Johnston cover) DANIEL JOHNSTON R.I.P

8.neil young,               “star of Bethlehem”

9.peter Gabriel,            “the book of love”

10.rafael anton irisarri,            “passage”

11. Kaitlyn Aurelia smith,          “the steady heart”

12.ben Lukas boysen,              “love”

13.jess Williamson,               “gulf of mexico”

14. other lives,                       “sideways”

15.moses sumney,                 “Gagarin”

16.hunter complex,               “hot streets”

17.thievery corporation,              “heaven`s gonna burn your eyes”

18.kutiman,                             “awake in the rain”

19.spacek,                               “eve”

20.zenobia,                              “galbi dari”

21.trees speak,                       “ohms”

22.the mystery kindaichi band,                    “gokumontou”

23.rheinzand,                              “all by myself”( a eric carman cover)

24.aksak maboul,                      “histoires de fous”

25.plone,                                   « build a small fire »

26.joy division,                        “ leaders of men”

27.rose city band,                     “only lonely”

28.the pretty things,                 “all light up”

29.the sweet,                             “ballroom blitz”  STEVE PRIEST  R.I.P 

30.the dave clark five,                    “concentration baby”

31. damaged bug,                           “sold America”

32.caleb landry jones,                    “I dig your dog”

33.mystery guest,                             “mystery party”

34. la priest,                                      “”what moves”

35.mossicot,                                    “kubiks rubiks”

36.chicano botman,                         “color my life”

37.hairy dismond,                            “turture”

38.monophonics,                               “run for your life”

39.kaytranada,                                 “midsection” feat. Pharrell Williams

40.moodymann,                             “”do wrong”(skate edit)

41.finlay Shakespeare,                       “crisis”

42.park hye jin,                                   “call me”