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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 16/02/2021

1.olafur arnalds-   for now I am winter(nils frahm rework)

2.lost souls of Saturn-   cyclone(bouillabaisse from space pepe bradock rmx)

3.georgio the dove valentino-   nietzschean love theme

4.death valley girls- jingle

5.sun tailor-  losing days

6.position normal-  bedside manners 2

7.steve cobby-  raining pine straw

8.david bowie- the drowned girl(from bertolt brecht`s baal)

9.john greaves with Robert wyatt-  gegendtand

10.mount obsidian-  casa delfines (cuben x edit)

11.chameleon-   she weeps for tomorrow

12.groove armada-  at the river

13.the swan and the lake-   lost feat. Malus lukes visti

14.dominique Dumont-  water theme(le chateau de corail)

15.tricky-  oh land(talking with maxine mix)

16.ben lukes boysen-   fabrizio( from the collini case movie soundtrack)

17.nagal-  lorgnette

18.christian kjellvandee-  tide wave

19.tiziano popoli-  se son rose firiranno

20.chris davis-  words without voices

21.the notwist-  into love/stars

22.the besnard lakes-  raindrops

23.j-walk-  soul vibration

24. jane weaver-   solarized

25.the Supremes-  where did our love go    MARY WILSON R.I.P

26.aaron frazer-    over you

27.goat girl-  p:t.s tea

28.django Django-  waking up feat. Charlotte gainsbourg

29.spill gold-    ecotone pt. 2

30.shame-  march day

31.psychedelic porn crumpets-   glitter bug+ more glitter

32.black country, new road-   science fair

33.little berrie&Malcolm catto-   t.r.a.b.s

34.the avalanches-  song for Barbara payton

35.mourning blkstr-  holds

36.sault-   uncomfortable

37.jason Havelock/aka eric decarsan-  meeting

38.conrad Schnitzler-   paracon 10

39.coil-  theme from blue

40.martin gore-  mandrill

41.john carpenter-  skeleton

42. mr. fingers-   chains feat. Ron Wilson(excerpt)