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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 14/04/2020

1.roger&brian eno-“celeste”
2.leandro fresco-“Brenda”
3.gigi masin-“cry winds or flames”
4.global communication-“4:14”
5.sufjan stevens&Lowell brams-“agathon”
6.rejoicer-“heart way(chapeau)”
7.four tet-“green”
8.floating points-“requiem for cs70 and strings”
9.pantha du prince-“holding the oak”
10.spirit&form-“effective honing”
11.hunter complex-“steel dynamics”
12.moses sumney-“the cocoon-eyed baby”
13.nicolas jaar-“cenizas”
14.cabane-“now,winter comes”
15.ocie Elliott-“thinking about you”
16.mickey newbury-“lovers”
17.jackie lynn- “dreamst”
18.lee ranaldo&raül refree-“new brain trajectory”
19.west/bridges-“sad about the times”
20.nancy Sinatra&rod mckuen-“kaleidoscope”
21.no saj thing-“quest”
22.scott walker-“the plague”
23.big jim Sullivan-“ltts”
24.the orb-“daze”
25.mazzy star-« fade into you » DAVID ROBACK R.I.P
26.the united states of America-“love song for the dead che`”
27.swamp dogg-“sleeping without you is a dragg”
28.john prine-“sam stone” JOHN PRINE R.I.P
29.kilburn and the high roads-“crippled with nerves”
30.aksak maboul-“silhouettes”
32.sunda arc-“secret window”
33.baxter dury-“hello,i`m sorry”
34.mcgough&mcgear-“yellow book”
35.shy layers-“lover`s code”
36.david axelrod-“one”
37.nolan potter`s nightmare band-“seahorse retreat”
38.revbjelde-“swamp gas”
39.mr. elevator-“kompressor”
40.Blond:ish-“I want to know what love is”(foreigner cover)
42.fujiya&miyagi-“personal space”
43.shriekback-“”agony box”
44.les grys-grys-“they gonna get me”
45.damaged bug-“the thunder speaks”