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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 13/10/2020

1.bing&ruth-                    body in a room

2.kaitlyn Aurelia smith-                      expanding electricity

3.olafur arnalds-                     we contain multitudes( from home)

4.toshifumi hinata-                      sayoka

5.mary Lattimore-                          thirty tulips

6.nicolas michaux-                          amour cole`re

7.anna von hausswolff-                           entering

8.hiroshi yoshmura-                            street

9.faten Kanaan-                               mist&madrigal

10.yo la tengo-                                bleeding

11.hot chip-                                candy says( a velvet underground cover)

12.nicolas jaar-                           Xerox

13.marie Davidson&l`œil nu-                           sentiment

14.surprise chef-                        have you fed baby huey today

15.kincaid-                              pipe up(benedict Frey rmx)

16.alfredo-                           something to rap about feat. Tyler the creator

17.machinedrum feat. Freddie Gibbs-                                  Kane train

18.public enemy-                              state of the union (stfu) feat. Dj premier(excerpt)

19run the jewels-                               walking in the snow

20.reaper aka fila brazillia-                              fila 95 dark

21.kemal Rachid et ses ottomans-                          au café turc

22.sven wunder-                             daisy

23.corruption house-                            jump

24.the warlocks-                              dear son

25.the pretty things-                            faultline 

26.the seeds-                                   no escape           Jan savage R.I.P                              

27.spectrum-                                 forever Alien

28.rodolphe burger-                               les chant des pistes

29.crack cloud-                                 tunnel vision

30.osees –                                  the gong of catastrophe

31.thurston Moore-                              they  believe in love(when they look at you)

32.sneaks-                                  mars in Virgo

33.certain ratio-                                family

34.yello-                                   Arthur spark

35.tor ludvall-                               the melting hour

36.ela minus-                                they told us it was hard, but they were wrong

37.redrago-                                   plastelina

38.roy budd-                               5 minutes left to live(excerpt)