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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 12/10/2021

This radio show is dedicated to Alexis De Boe R.I.P. who inspired so many of us.

1.kmru-    argon

2.marta del grandi-   taller than his shadow

3.space afrika-    indigo grit feat. Guest

4.eden ahbez`s dharmaland  performed&arranged by ixtahuele-    bwawto

5.sarah davachi-    gradnal of image

6.blancmange-    shiverer

7.roger Webb-    bartieby 6(from the movie soundtrack)

8.low-    all night

9.holy hive-    color it easy

10.nathan salsburg-     psalm 147

11.the cuckoo clocks/the amorphous  androgynous-    tomorrow,time&immortality

12.immersion/laetitia sadier-     uncensored

13.flying lotus-     robomb(from yasuke the Netflix orig. anime series)

14.kutiman-     guruji

15.soult-    you from London feat. Little simz

16.tyler the creator-     lumberjack

17.durand jones&the indications-     sea of love

18.william de Vaughn-      be thankful for what you´ve got-    WILLIAM DE VAUGHN R.I.P

19.lee scratch Perry-     dream come true-     LEE SCRATCH PERRY   R.I.P

20.rude boy/aka groove armada-     superstylin

21.vanishing twin-     ookii gekkou

22.agincourt-      Mirabella

23.barry Ryan-      Eloise-      BARRY RYAN R:I.P

24.the fantastic zoo-      this calls for a celebration

25.rebecca-      better dead than red

26.jason crest-       teagarden lane

27.wet leg-      wet dream

28.suuns-       the trilogy

29.nightmares on wax-      wonder feat. Haile supreme

30.steve Gunn-       ever feel that way

31.the beach boys-       tears in the morning

32.bruce haack-       electric to me turn

33.cabaret Voltaire-      no escape( the seeds cover)

34.ricardo tabar-      la femme au masques

35.liminanas&garnier-     Juliette dans la caravane

36.pond-     Rambo

37.goat-      stonegoat

38.jane weaver-      solarized(w.h lung rmx)

39.joakim-      blood garden

40.public service broadcasting-     ich und die stadt feat. Nina Hoss