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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 12/09/2023

1-ybalferran – kardi(hurt by the sun)

2.fred again&brian eno – radio

3.john Foxx – starlit summer night

4.suss – home

5.ozmotic&fennesz – motionless

6.blur – the everglades(for Leonard)

7.lightning dust – different war

8.daniel o `Sullivan – eagle ears

9.death&vanilla – perpetuum mobile

10.kruder&digioia – Bella arp

11.eluvium – mass lossless interbeing

12.rodrigo amarante – the ribbon

13.mitski – I guess

14.aurora – pink moon( nick drake cover)

15.james Ellis ford – squeaky wheel

16.immaterial possession – cypress receiver

17.sack o  killy – red moon

18.django Django – squid Inc.

19.spooky tooth – sunshine help me(top gear bbc radio session// GARY WRIGHT R.I.P

20.jaimie branch – bolinko bass // JAIMIE BRANCH R.I.P

21.tia tua shen – hahish achi boded(the loneliest man)

22.slowdive – the slab

23.jah wobble – I am the fly (wire cover)

24.david bowie – atomica

25.the pretty things – the beat goes on

26.bush tetras – they live in  my head

27.protomartyr – make way

28.p.i.l – being stupid again

29.osees – intercepted message(radio edit)

30.king gizzard &the lizard wizard – dragon

31.run the jewels – goonies contra e.t feat Sarah la morena y el in dividuo Danny brasco&nick hook`s version

32.ultra magnetic m.c`s – funk radio

33.gaye suakyol – yaram derin derin kanar

34.altin gün – canim oy

35.ekiti sound – ghost leader

36.bcuc – ntuthwane

37.the chemical brothers feat. Beck – skipping like a stone

38.mort Garson – moon journey

39.people like us – listen to the…