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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 12/01/2021

1.His name is alive-      angel waves

2.okade takuro&duenn-     nana to midori to mikari

3.coil-      Sara dale`s sensual  message 5

4.dominique Dumont-     people on Sunday

5.guy Sigsworth-        niral kenai

6.drew McDowall-      agalma2 feat. Caterina Barbieri

7.elvis Costello-        revolution#49

8.olafur arnalds-        loom feat. Bonobo

9.andy bell-        ghost tones

10.karen o&willie nelson-      under pressure(david bowie&queen cover)

11.christian kjellvander-      actually country gentle

12.matt berry-      devil inside me

13.the avalanches-       music makes me high

14.eartheater-       faith consuming hope

15.negativland-       unlawful assembly

16.kevin Godley-         the ghosts of the living

17.suuns-       pray

18.david bowie-        strangers when we meet

19.modern eon-        waiting for the cavalry

20.death walley girls-      hypnagogia

21.osees-       gong experiment

22.juniore-       ouh la `la`

23.thurston Moore-        siren

24.the warlocks-          the robbery

25. king gizzard and the lizard wizard-      minimum brain size

26.spill gold-        highway hypnosis

27.deftones-       pompeji

28.pylon-         reptiles

29.seasurfer-         lovers breakdown

30.the slits-         I heard it through the grapevine( a Marvin guy cover)

31.fine young cannibals-        she drives me crazy( Dimitri from Paris short version)

32.nine circles-      falling

33.blancmange-          antisocial media

34.aaron frazer-          bad news

35.solomon   burke-         everybody needs somebody to love

36.tyuichi sakamoto-           tell `em to me

37.nick lean-          creation story

38.mamazu-       blueprint

39.arandel-       bodyline feat. Ben shemie