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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 11/06/2024

1.floating world pictures with ocean moon – dark becomes light

2.gerhard Heinz – the killing of Maria Gonzales

3.immersion&thor Harris – rotations

4.king Hannah – john prine on the radio

5.red stars over Tokyo – seddymn

6.cabane – dead song pt.1

7.the future sound of London – clearness

8.molly Lewis – sonny

9.coma – nfs

10.richard Hawley – hear that lonesome whistle blow

11.scott walker – it`s raining today

12.richard/dick Betts – highway call / DICK BETTS R.I.P

13.giant sand – no reply

14.villagers – truly alone

15.sivan levy – silent legs

16.cigarettes after sex – sunsetz

17.paraorchestra – holes feat. Nadine shah

18.c418/minicraft – dry hands                                                                                                                                   

19.I monster – cells

20.barry Adamson – cut to black

21.immaterial possession – current in the room

22.serpent with feet – safe word

23.boris blank – najade (excerpt)

24.immersion&cubzoa – other ways

25.beak – ah yeh

26.m.craft – she sells sanctuary (the cult cover)                            

27.klauss weiss – driving sequences

28.john cale – shark-shark

29.night beats – nightmare

30.juniore – le silence

31.bryan ferry – Gemini moon

32.gudrun gut – biste schon weg(23 mix)

33.dudu tassa&jonny greenwood – ya`anid yay aba

34.lalalar – hem evimsin hem cehenne mim

35.michael head&the red elastic band – a ricochet                                                                              

36.rasco – another day

37.beth gibbons – reaching out                                                                                                                                 

38. la luz – strange world

39.charsinot – kimaat/nearly

40.delta 5 – you

41.fat white family – john Lennon

42.lost souls of Saturn – click feat lvv gvn(unkle rmx)

43.aili – oyasumi (excerpt)