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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory – 10/10/2023

1.chocolate hills&the orb – leaving Plymouth

2.eden ahbez – Eden’s cove

3.al green – perfect day (Lou reed cover)

4.brain eno – beauty and danger  (from the top boy series soundtrack)

5.blaine l.reininger – un giro

6.mary Lattimore – arrivederci feat.lol tolhurst

7.naeon teardrops – brotherhood

8.tia tua shen – masha/trip

9.ash walker – running away

10.sven wunder – lunar distance

11.osees – always at night

12.vanishing twin – brain weather

13.public service broadcasting – a cello sings in daventry (live)

14.oneohtrix point never – the body trail

15.lightning dust – feel that

16.rodrigo amarante – um milhao

17.rome – the death of a lifetime

18.timber timbre  –  ask the community

19.jori hulkkomen – when the end comes feat.tiga

20.the kvb – I can only give you everything(them cover)

21.the warlocks – drawning in darkness

22.saccades(a member of the kvb) – cross street

23.pale blue eyes – simmering

24.meatraffle – smallest gang

25.slowdive – shanty

26.mark Stewart – voudou (the jeffroy lee pierce project)

27.the mountain goats – murder at the 18th St. Garage

28.tractor`s revenge – harounot meatbach

29.p.i.l – LFCF

30. panda bear&sonic boom – in my body dub(a. Sherwood mix)

31.horace Andy – feverish (a. Sherwood rmx)

32.prince FAR-I  – under heavy manners

33.comite` hypnotisê –  aquarium breakout

34.alien Starr – music –a-lizer

35.a certain ration – samo(werkha rmx)

36.prince – Alice through the looking glass

37.perel – the principle of vibration

38.cluster – prothese

39.cybotron(aka juan Atkins) – maintain

40. motrik – uni fox

41.som.1 – ultimatum