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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 09/06/2020

1.Rafael Anton Irisarri, “a great northern sigh”

2.kenneth bager&troels hammer presents voices of art,”shadow of a lullaby”

3.ben Lukas boysen,”kenotaph”


5.moses sumney,”also also also and and and”

6.mugwai,”moon in reverse”

7.jacaszek,”November early”(from the film soundtrack November)

8.the cinematic orchestra,”the workers of art”(Kelly moran rmx)

9. luke Schneider,”exspirio”

10.thys&amon tobin,”letter from st. anthony`s”

11.m.söndergaard,”sahara I mine haender“

12.einstürzende neubauten,“seven screws“

13.pantha du prince,“roots making family“

14.big bend,“can`t get around”

15.other lives,”dead language”

16.jess Williamson,”harm none”

17.thievery corporation,”passing stars”

18.rose city band,”morning light”

19.jackie lynn,”short black dress”

20.damaged bug,”mood slime”

21.the lovely eggs,”you can go now”

22.trees speak,”nitrous cross”

23.top drawer,”song of a sinner”

24.chicano batman,”moment of joy”

25.aksak maboul,”tout a une fin »

26.arandel, »hysope »

27.canned heat, »time was”

28.mother earth,”the kingdom of heaven(is within you)”


30.durand jones&the indications,”groovy babe”

31.thundercat,”black qualls”

32.darkside,”from their first ep/untitled”



35.piper,“hot sand”

36.residents,”bury my bones”

37.the mystery kindaichi band,”kindaichi kosuke no theme”


39.moodymann,”I need another”

40.mr.oizo,”pharmacist” feat. Romeo elvis

41.red axes,”break the limit”excerpt)