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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory – 08/12/2020

1.emily Sprague-   woven

2.faten Kanaan-     the heron

3.dukes of chutney-    rosemary`s bae

4.olafur arnalds-       spiral

5.eno-     beach sequence  (from beyond the clouds movie soundtrack)

6.charles Webster-      the spell

7.oliver Coates-       caregiver pt.2(4 AM)

8.domenique Dumont-      rituals

9.michael rother-       lovely mess

10.jimi after-      last exit to Mira prospect

11.kruder&dorfmeister-       Johnson

12.santino surfers-       sun rise swell

13.ray Charles-      how deep is the ocean( how high is the sky)

14.kelly finnigan-        catch me I’m falling

15.rotary connection-    didn`t want to have to do it( a lovin`spoonful cover)

16.holy hive-       oh I miss her so

17.camille Yarbrough-      ain`t  it a lonely feeling

18.fatboy slim-        sunset 303(if you believe)

19.oneohtrix point never-       auto&allo(excerpt)

20.mort Garson-        the philosopher`s stone

21.pointe du lac-      holo-epiphyte B5 trains,montagnes, forets, banana !

22.gorillaz-       Pac-man  feat. Schoolboy Q

23.dr. olive&the heperators-      when will it end

24.the D.O.C-     portrait of a masterpiece(hiphop ext.  12”mix)

25.wagon Christ-     likewutchyadoo

26.telex-      raised by snakes(maurice Fulton mix)

27.yello-        the vanishing of peter strong

28.trees speak-        large array

29.clan of xymox-        lovers

30.deutsche wertarbeit-          guten abend, leute

31.club intl.-           crush

32. la Düsseldorf-            rheinita

33.cabaret Voltaire-          what`s goin` on

34.working men`s club-             A:A:A:A

35.pylon-              gyrate

36.king gizzard&the lizard wizard-        I’m in your mind fuzz(live)