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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 08/09/2020

1.hiroshi yoshimura-                teevee

2.logic system-                         venus

3.brian eno-                designer piano(from the doc. Film about designer dieter rams)

4.cavern of anti-matter-                      the dress perspective(muzak)

5.tricky-                      thinking of

6.nick cave-                  cosmic dancer(a marc bolan/t.rex cover)

7.kelly lee owens-                      re-wild

8.plone-                         circler

9.surprise chef-                           drinking from the cup of bob knob

10.adult fantasises-                     daddy-bear

11.luke jenner-                        die one day

12.osamu sato-                      silent bomb

13.holy hive-                        embers to ash

14.the blue nile-                        high

15.wilma archer-                      cheater feat. Suda archives

16.bananagun-                       perfect stranger

17.merdith monk-                   downfall(83`)

18.sven wunder-                       wabi sabi

19.the the-                               I want 2B U

20.biggabush-                          don in studio one

21.the five americans-                         zip code

22.gili kimchi-                          don`t be afraid of corona

23.prabumi-                            gerimis

24.patrick micaud-                          crazy

25.rival consoles-                            forwardism

26.darkstar-                             wolf

27.fontaines d.c-                         I don`t belong

28.a very british coup- a.v-b.c(dogma)( aka jah wobble, a. weatherall, youth&mark stewart

29.spectrum-                             close your eyes and you`ll see

30.the rolling stones feat. Jimmy page-                               scarlet

31.damaged bug-                              the night shopper

32.all them witches-                            Everest

33.juniore-                                   tu mens

34.redrago-                                redrago

35.gramme-                                 discolovers(10 tigers rmx)

36.caribou-                                   never come back(morgan geist rmx)

37.zeus-                                     musik,music, musique

38.men with secrets-                              angelus novus

39.the morphtwins-                            roots

40.bochum welt-                               Greenwich(excerpt)