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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory – 07/07/2020

1.pye corner audio,                  phaseB

2.takashi kokubo,                      daze/fluctuation step 1

3.troels hammer,                       white nights

4.seahawks,                                 island blues

5.jon hassell,                                moon of titan

6.el michels affair,                      enfant

7.sussan deyhim,                        estate

8.jacaszek,         Christ blood theme(from the movie soundtrack  November)

9.lemongrass,                               take a walk

10. khruangbin,                            one to remember

11. bob Dylan,                     i`ve made up my mind to give myself to you

12.ben shemie,                            change

13.ocie Elliott,                              fame

14.brigid mae power,                       we weren`t sure

15.ray la montagne,                          rocky mountain healin`

16.nadine shah,                            kite

17.hater,                                      sift

18.sonic boom,                           I feel a change coming on

19.woods,                                   light of day

20.can,                                         she brings the rain

21.trees speak,                            state of clear

22.the liminanas,                           maria`s theme

23.pleasure principle,                         a` l`ombre du coolangata  geant

24.svenwunder,                               kachofugetsu

25.zenobia,                                    edine

26.modern studies,                           she

27.jackie lynn,                                  diamond glue

28.fred und luna,                             disco nueve

29.chicano batman,                             manuel story

30.blancmange,                                sleep with mannequin

31.neal francis,                                 put it in his hands

32.wire,                                            small black reptile

33.pottery,                                       texas drums pt.1&2

34.damaged bug,                             I tried

35.finlay Shakespeare,                         second try

36.residents,                                     I know

37. la priest,                                       what do you see

38.kaytranada,                                 September 21

39.red axes,                                      they game

40.men with secrets,                              the misfortunes of virtues

41.meredith monk&bang on a can all stars,          toten tanz(excerpt)