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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 05/12/2023

1.weather tunes  – rising sun

2.nick cave&warren Ellis – Nembutal (from the blonde movie soundtrack)

3.gloria de oliveira&dean hurley – im nebel

4.Eluvium – endless flower

5. Bombay bicycle feat. Damon albarn – heaven

6.roger eno – mind the gap

7.james heather – passing soul (coldcut rework)

8.pauline Anna strom – morning splendor

9.a.r Kane – green hazed daze

10.hauschka –  generosity

11.king khan – Memphis is burning (from the invaders movie soundtrack)

12.mary Lattimore – horses, glossy on the hill

13. dj shadow – forever changed

14.bryan ferry – your painted smile

15.big star – holocaust

16.glen Hansard – ghost

17.peter Gabriel – so much(dark side mix)

18.matt berry – top brass

19.sofia kourtesis – vajkoczy

20.paul St. hilaire/ aka tikiman –  ten to one (excerpt)

21.vox low – we walk

22.the kvb – kiss them for me (siouxsie&the banshees tribute)

23.loveage – stroker ace

24.billy woods&Kenny segal – facetime feat. Sam herring

25. dj muggs and dean Hurley – divinity 2infinity the odyssey feat. Kool Keith

(from  divinity movie soundtrack)

26.aesop rock – mindful solutionism

27.room 25 – window

28.helenas ahora – 1986

29.emma Anderson – I was miles away

30.malaria! – Leiden schaft – passion

31.sir Stanley – I believe

32.bangles – bitchen summer(speedway)

33.lol tolhurstX budgieXjacknife lee – ghosted at home  with bobby Gillespie

34.red axes – out of my head feat. Autarkic

35.underworld – Denver Luna

36.david Holmes feat. Raven violet – yeah x3

37.sula bassana – tropfsteinhöle

38.jori hulkkonen – cruise control feat. Naeon teardrops(excerpt)