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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory – 04/07/2023

1.penguin café – second variety

2.robert Haigh(aka Omni trio) – I remember Phaedra

3.brigid mae power – I must have been blind(a Tim Buckley cover)

4.cut copy – I was young and needed the money

5.hollie kenniff – start where we are

6.peter kruder&Roberto di gioia – lonely Jupiter

7.echt! – dawn in duden

8.uri katzenstein – eric

9.ettab – khalas min hobek(our love is over)

10.fred again&brian eno – enough

11.twin color – going home(edit)

12.eluvium – void manifest

13.jose Gonzalez – the void

14.james Ellis ford – golden hour

15.immaterial possession – to the fete

16.sault – I am free

17.the breath of life – inner station(a minimal compact cover)

18.surprise chef – over the moon

19.baxter dury – aylesbury boy

20.saek o killy – vitamin D

21.feist – I took all my rings off(excerpt)

22.slowdive – kisses

23.ekiti sound – chairman

24.abel sclaocoe – ibu yile I Africa(Africa is back)

25.russian linesman – but now we`re not in the dark(feat. Maps)

26.django Django – lunar vibrations

27.jonathan Bree – fu ck it

28.squid – the blades

29.protomartyr – fun in hi skool

30.brix smith – black rainbow sky

31.pere ubu – crazy horses( the osmonds brothers cover)

32.suicide – rain of ruin

33.macho diva – fetishista kommunista(rude 66 rmx)

34.crawling chaos – creamo coyl

35.kid koala – things are gonna change

36.the flying lizards – sex machine( a james brown cover)

37.dina summer – Rimini(fabrizio memmarella rmx)

38.add n to(x) – hit for cheese

39.kym amps – you don`t know my name

40.depeche mode – wagging tongue

41.clark – town crank (excerpt)