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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 03/08/2021

1.the transcendence orchestra-   marker against mountain

2.harold budd-   penny Ann drink water(from the tv series I know this much is true)

3.damon albarn-   the nearer the fountain,more pure the stream flows

4.jon Hopkins-   heron(a james yorkston cover)

5.mabe fratti-   nadie sabe

6.lex baxter and his orchestra-    wotuka

7.sven wunder-   pentimento

8.camino al desvan-   la contorsion de pollo

9.eden ahbez-   grapevine(performed&arranged by ixtahuele)

10.boozoo bajou&tony joe white-   aspen Colorado

11.placid angles-    amazonas(the forests are our future)

12.le zappalot(pitta, ramon&samy)-    Erika goes to leopoldau-  PETER REHBERG R.I.P  

13.sofie birch&joaan caroe-    heart donor

14.maxwell sterling-   tenderness  feat. Leslie winer

15.Iosonouncane-    cri

16.hiroki ishiguro-    unity

17.bobby Gillespie&jehnny beth-   English town

18.rose city band-    silver roses

19.zakarrias-    cosmic bride   -BOBBY HAUMER  R.I.P

20.the everly brothers-    love with your heart(vr.2)

21.the millennium-    I just don`t know how to say goodbye

22.trees speak-    elements of matter

23.the liminanas-    les reves des mourants( from the movie soundtrack the world  we knew)

24.matt berry-    like stone

25.miljon-    world of trouble

26.hiatus kayote-    blood and morrow

27.MNDSGN-     hope your`re doin better

28.bertrand birgalat-     l`homme ideal

29.buscemi-     la bella rosa feat.luigi catalano

30.gogo penguin-    F maj pixie(rone rmx)

31.julian cope&jezebel-    safe surfer(the machine soul inner world dub)

32.alternative tv-    action time vision

33.electric party-    catwalk

34.geneva Jacuzzi-      do I sad

35.lone lady-     fear colours

36.snapped ankles-     asithurhythm

37.e.n.m/jau che-    dynamo

38.black midi-     slow

39.roman flügel-      jocks and freaks

40.perel-     star(extd. Club mix)