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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 03/05/2022

1.roger eno- the turning year

2.reymour- six pouces

3.kelly lee Owens- s.o(2)

4.whatever the weather- 36°c

5.isik kural- paper hat

6.coyote- the outsider

7.alabaster de plume- now(pink triangle, blue valley)

8.nick cave&warren ellis- les cerfs(from la panthere des neiges  film soundtrack)

9.keeley Forsyth- silence

10.king Hannah- the sea has stretch marks

11.cults percussion ensemble- the little dancer

12.violeta vicci- long farewell(the orb`s laughing chicks mix)

13.tor Lundvall- four bluebirds

14.kavinsky-  horizon

15.coil- ambient basses hijack mix 1

16.vanderwolf/the last man standing ensemble feat. Robert Wyatt- when the fire grows cold

17.aldous Harding- staring at the henry Moore

18.andrä bratten- Ballroom

19.le marais- interludus pecten maximus

20.w.l-  livin in vain(rough)

21.nilsson- isolation(a John Lennon cover)

22.pearls before swine- the song from the movie

23.faust- it`s a bit of a pain

24.sussan deyhim&richard Horovitz- broken vows(mtm8)

25.kae tempest- no prizes(with Lianne la Havas)

26.dr. doom/Kool Keith- leave me alone

27.cypress hill- open Ya mind

28.happy Mondays- deviantz feat. Mickey Avalon

29.kaleidoscope&Fairfield parlour- Emily

30.the smoke- umbrella

31.clear light- night sounds loud

32.andy bell-  holiday in the sun

33.bush tetras- you can`t be funky

34.yard act- dead horse

35.spiritualized- always together with you

36.jarv is(aka Jarvis cocker) dark wave

37.v2-speed freak

38.rolling blackouts coastal fever- the way it shatter

39.fontaines d.c- skinty fia

40.aviv mark- mispar ha`mavat

41.ian dury&the blockheads- ballad of the sulphate strangler

42.rudolf Abramov- cold feet